Office 365 isn’t a safe means of Backup!

Are you working from Office 365?

Like millions of others globally, you are likely using Microsoft’s Office 365 platform for a part of your day to day business. Whether that’s for email, file storage or collaboration with team members, you’ll have data of some kind residing in Microsoft’s mega cloud productivity service.

365 is great. Helping all of us to be more efficient, work from anywhere and with anyone, with minimal fuss. However, like all cloud platforms, having your data within Office 365 doesn’t mean it is backed up…

There is a great misunderstanding taken from the pleather of messages that are promoting the use of cloud services; that being in the cloud means you no longer need backup. This couldn’t be further from the case.

So, what do I have to do?

Whether working from the cloud, or from a traditional file server within your office premises, you will only have a single copy of your file data. The only thing that’s changed is where you access that data.

Yes – that data is less susceptible to hardware failure and will be more readily available for access than ever before. Although, is just as vulnerable to accidental deletion, cyber-attack, corruption, or complete loss.

By default, Cloud operators will not indemnify you against any disaster that results in the loss or corruption of your files, even with a hardware failure on their infrastructure.

The result = it’s critical to have a backup service in place that can copy your files out of Office 365 into in a ring-fenced secure backup storage space.

What is available?

There are a few backup service operators that now support direct integration to backup from, and restore to, Microsoft Office 365 – among many other Cloud storage services.

Every IT professional will have their favourite and as a provider of Managed IT Services we have a few options open to us, which we compare to best meet the needs of our individual clients.

We can help

If you have any concerns about your IT, data security or backup & disaster recovery, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Luke Coppin

Luke Coppin

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