Bet you didn’t know you could do that in Office 365?

What? Loads of stuff.

Microsoft Office 365 has all sorts of wonderful features.

And I’m willing to bet there are loads of them you don’t even know about. Which could work wonders for your team’s productivity levels.

Our latest guide will take you through our five favourite time saving features in Office 365.

It’ll tell you how to:

  • Hold virtual meetings
  • Collaborate on documents on the go
  • Create stunning PowerPoint presentations with no experience
  • Make achievable to do lists and project plans
  • Find documents quickly (even if they’ve someone’s saved them in the wrong folder. Why do people do that?)

We’d love to show you how to make Office 365 work harder for your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Back up is often overlooked. Many businesses have some sort of backup system in place but it’s very rarely tested, and often doesn't cover all the live systems in use.

Disaster recovery and planning

Backups and disaster recovery are two different things. So what is a disaster recovery product and why chose one over a backup system? The answer to this is a disaster recovery product not only backups all business systems but then provides a way to have the business back online and working within minutes in a disaster situation. We have a passion for helping to keep your company working through disasters. In our 24/7 society, being unable to trade even for a few hours or a day can be the end of some companies. Disaster recovery is about planning; what happens if your systems are down for a number of days due to some unforeseen event like a flood, fire or terrorist threat?
We will work with you to help create your policy and advise on the best solutions for your specific needs to ensure your company remains open for business regardless of the disaster. So many businesses have no effective IT Disaster Recovery policy or have even really considered it. The statistics are shocking – around 90% of businesses that suffer a major data loss go out of business within 2 years. Don’t let it happen to you!

Datto Backupify for Microsoft Office 365

Employees rely on Office 365 to keep their company running

More and more companies rely on Office 365 to get business done. But with all that cloud data comes a whole new set of concerns. What if someone accidentally deletes or overwrites a file? How do you make sure business-critical cloud information isn’t tied to the person who created it? When employees leave the company, can you prevent their files and information from leaving with them?
Backupify’s Office 365 backup solution keeps your Microsoft cloud data safe from all forms of harm, inappropriate behavior and loss — quickly, easily and above all, securely.
For customers looking to back up Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines reliably, easily and affordably we love Altaro VM Backup (formerly known as Altaro Hyper-V Backup). The newly released V7 has some great improvements and unique features. It saves you the hassle of cumbersome installs and configurations, helps you avoid unreliable virtual machine (VM) backups using basic tools and doesn’t break the bank. Two of the key new features are the deduplication and ability to boot directly from a backup whilst the VM live restores in the background.
  • Take your first Hyper-V VM backup in under 15 minutes
  • Manage and access backup jobs for all your Hyper-V hosts through a single management console
  • Replicate backups to an offsite location (or through drive swapping) easily and reliably
  • Verify your Hyper-V backups data with automated data verification, for peace of mind
  • Compatible with all Guest OS supported by Hyper-V including Linux VMs
  • Backs up all applications compatible with Hyper-V VSS Writer such as Exchange Server and SQL

Altaro VM Backup with Augmented Inline deduplication improves backup and restore speed. It’s the best depulication in the industry, creating the smallest backup size. Augmented Inline deduplication runs across all backup jobs, no need to group VMs together (no use of post processing).

  • Much lower storage requirements. Creates the smallest backup size compared to other backup vendors
  • Faster backups (less data to transfer)
  • Efficiency increases as more VM backups are added. Huge savings on storage!

Instantly boot any VM version from the backup location without affecting backup integrity. The VM may optionally be restored in the background while booted without losing any changes.

  • When a VM goes down, boot a Virtual Machine directly from your Backup Location in seconds, allowing users to continue to access it right away
  • In the background the VM Backup is restored back to the Hypervisor as well as any new changes made to the booted VM
  • Once all changes are recovered, simply switch over to the recovered VM. This minimizes Downtime to a simple VM reboot at the end of the Recovery process, instead of having to wait for the entire VM to restore.

The right solution for your business needs and budget

To find out more about any of the above, or discuss your back up requirements , talk to us and let us help you find the right solution. We would always recommend more than one backup system – one local back up taken daily, and an online backup system as well. Both can be fully automated and send email notification on success or failure which we can monitor for you. With the current cloud computing options, online backup systems are now cheaper than ever.