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Keep your data safe when staff use their own devices

Because we have to work from home for now, your team are probably using their own devices. Which is fine… so long as your business’s data security isn’t compromised in any way. That’s a big ask. Especially if your staff are sharing their devices with other members of the family. We’ve created a brand new

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Business as usual Your urgent Coronavirus checklist

To ensure your team can work as normally as possible from home On the 3rd March, the Government published their Coronavirus action plan. In his address, Boris Johnson said that up to a fifth of UK workers “could be off sick at the same time” and it is “highly likely that we will see a

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The Fort of Cyber Security – What is Data Encryption?

Encrypt your data before the Hackers do it for you…   What exactly is Data Encryption? Encryption helps protect data you send, receive and store using any device. Including text messages, emails on your desktop, phone calls, banking information and most importantly, password logs. It works in a simple manner, by scrambling the readable text

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The Fort of Cyber Security – What is Malware?

The existence of Malware is to cause chaos, don’t invite it into your Business   What exactly is Malware? Malware is a contraction of malicious software. The pieces of software that are specifically designed with the intent of causing damage to devices, the aim of stealing private data or to simply cause destruction and chaos.

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The Fort of Cyber Security – What is good Password Security?

A password is the drawbridge to your entire digital world… don’t make it weak What exactly is good Password Security? Passwords are the digital keys to your online network of almost everything; friends, family, work and your financial accounts. If you take the risk and disregard the strength & integrity of your passwords, you’ll probably

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