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Malware in the cloud – the risks and what to do about it….

Cloud computing is great. But nowhere near as safe as you thought… Cloud computing is amazing, isn’t it? Where you can use software through your browser rather than having to download something. And access any data anywhere, on any device. You might think that it’s really safe. That the software developers are one step ahead

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Would your business pass the 3 beers test?

Would your business pass the 3 beers test? It’s a Thursday evening. You’ve travelled to meet some contacts, and had a great day. The meeting is very productive, and turns into 3 beers and a meal. Great fun and the night quickly slips away from you. You rush for a late train home, and on

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GDPR – 7 weeks left…are you ready?

Oh what a headache. GDPR is finally here. We’ve written a book to make it easy for you Most businesses have been putting this off for years. Putting what off? Implementing the new GDPR data protection laws. It finally comes into play on 25th May. Like any piece of European legislation, it’s big and complicated and

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