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Could a puppy get your business hacked?

How lovely. Lisa in accounts has a brand new puppy. It’s taking over her life. There are photos on her desk. It’s all she seems to talk about. Hey – she even changed her password to include his name. And suddenly that puppy has become a security risk to your business. Because hackers are clever.

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Ever lost an important Email?

Email is a vital lifeline With us all receiving tens, if not hundreds, of emails per day – across countless devices, it is so easy to accidently delete or misfile an email, never to be seen again! With nearly all walks of industry now relying on email as a formal, (and legally recognised) form of

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Office 365 isn’t a safe means of Backup!

Are you working from Office 365? Like millions of others globally, you are likely using Microsoft’s Office 365 platform for a part of your day to day business. Whether that’s for email, file storage or collaboration with team members, you’ll have data of some kind residing in Microsoft’s mega cloud productivity service. 365 is great.

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GDPR enforces Professional-Grade Backup

Something you might not know already… Backup and disaster recovery solutions are vital under the GDPR. With any Business accountable or in control for the possession of significant data, they must have the ability to recover any lost personal data that they hold in a timely manner. To remain compliant, you must have the obligatory

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The Cloud is a very useful Place…

The benefits are endless… The Cloud is fantastic. There are thousands of different flavours and operatives of Cloud-based services to choose from; providing you with a protected, flexible and agile working atmosphere to truly work from anywhere. Wherever we choose to work, we’ll have issues with our data safety, privacy and backup. You could have

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An Excel trick so clever you could lick it

Excel. A critical app. But also one that can make you fall asleep. Especially when you’re using it to try to present data to other people. Did you know there’s a way to share data in a more dynamic way? It’s called Microsoft 3D Maps. And it’s so beautiful you could lick it.

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