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NCSC Introduces Remote Working Testing Tool for Small Businesses

An exercise which will enable small businesses to test their cyber resilience while staff work remotely has been launched by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). Part of its Exercise in a Box toolkit, the ‘Home and Remote Working’ exercise is aimed at helping SMEs to reduce the risk of data compromise while employees are working remotely. The

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Personal Data of the Average Brit Held by at Least 39 Different Organizations

At least 39 different organizations hold personal data of the average UK citizen, providing a wide-range of opportunities for hackers to access sensitive information. This is according to Nomidio’s State of Identity 2020 Analysis, which also found that almost a quarter of Brits are unaware of how many organizations hold their personal data. This growing attack surface

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Three-Quarters of UK Businesses Facing Compliance Problems Following Lockdown

Three-quarters (75%) of UK data protection officers (DPOs) anticipate the Covid-19 lockdown will cause difficulties in meeting data compliance obligations, potentially leading to large fines, according to a study by Guardum. In the survey, 72% of DSOs expect a backlog of data subject access requests (DSARs) upon returning to the office, while 3% are concerned there will

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Cloud Configuration Error Exposes 260,000+ Actors

More than 260,000 actors have had their personal data exposed thanks to yet another misconfigured cloud server. Researchers at SafetyDetectives led by Anurag Sen discovered the unprotected Elasticsearch server, which contained 1GB of data, amounting to 9.5 million records. It apparently belonged to New Orleans-based casting agency, which has recruited actors for Terminator movies, TV show True Detective and other

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Billions of Banking and Social Media Credentials Available Online

Around 15 billion credentials are in circulation in cyber-criminal marketplaces. According to new research from Digital Shadows, a 300% increase in stolen credentials from over 100,000 data breaches in the past two years means there are more than 15 billion credentials in circulation. These include credentials for bank accounts, social media and video streaming services. Of these, more

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95% of Brits Unable to Consistently Identify Phishing Messages

Just 5% of Brits are able to recognize all scam emails and texts, a study from Computer Disposals Limited has found. Scam emails purporting to be from Facebook were shown to be most likely to trick people. Additionally, participants found it harder to spot scams via SMS messages compared to emails. For the study, Computer Disposals created a

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