Would your business pass or fail our 57 minute data challenge….?

Would your business pass the 57 minute data security challenge?

Here’s a bold challenge for you. I’m confident that if I were to visit your business today, I’d find a weakness in your IT system within just 57 minutes.

I call this our 57 minute Data Security Challenge. I bet I can uncover a way to get into your system, or an unsafe working practice.

All I’ll do is ask you some questions and have a quick look at your computers, and the systems your staff are using.

Would your business pass the 3 beers test?

Would your business pass the 3 beers test?

It’s a Thursday evening. You’ve travelled to meet some contacts, and had a great day.

The meeting is very productive, and turns into 3 beers and a meal. Great fun and the night quickly slips away from you.

You rush for a late train home, and on your commute back flick through a few emails and news articles on your phone. But it’s a warm carriage, and combined with a full stomach and the effects of a few beers, your eyelids start to droop…

What is a Proactive IT Support Company and why do you need one?

You don’t want an IT support company that fixes problems. You want a partner that prevents them

We’ve written a new guide in human speak – not techno babble. And it
answers the number one question our clients have asked us over the last few

“Why don’t we see you and your staff as much as we used to?”

That’s a great question. And one that we’re proud to answer.

It’s convenient for your staff to use their own mobiles for work. But it also puts you at huge risk…

Letting your team use their own mobile devices for work is great, right?

It gives them the freedom to work remotely without having to carry multiple phones around. And it means you don’t have to shell out on expensive equipment.

Everyone’s a winner!

If only.

Your IT system is ageing quickly. Here’s how to keep it at maximum health for longer

Are you familiar with the concept of dog years?

They say the first year of a puppy’s life is the equivalent of 15 human years. And your dog ages the equivalent of five to nine human years every calendar year.

Just as an older dog needs to be taken to the vets more regularly, so too must older IT systems get specialist attention and have more preventative work done.

Technology is improving at such a speed that older hardware and software can quickly fall behind. It’s not as dramatic as it used to be – when things would just stop working – but there are underlying risks of running an old setup that you must be aware of.

In fact, if your system hasn’t been significantly reviewed in the last three years or longer, then it’s highly likely that your staff ’s productivity is at risk – and so is your data. The older your setup, the greater the data security risks.

We’ve written a new guide explaining this, with five signs that your current IT setup is older than you think. I’ve written it in human, not geek!

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Uber data hack is a reminder criminals are targeting your business. Today

Does anyone rob banks any more?

It just seems such an old fashioned way for criminals to make money. When you consider that last year Uber gave some hackers $100,000 not to use the data they’d just stolen from the giant taxi company.

Uber’s recent admission that it had personal details of 57 million customers and drivers stolen is major news. Yet there will be other hacks reported in the months ahead.

Earlier in the year the NHS was held hostage by hackers, causing more than 6,900 appointments – including some operations – to be cancelled.

Data theft has become big business. Either stealing it. Or locking it and charging a fee for its release.

What is the cloud?

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What is the cloud?

You’ve probably heard of the cloud. You certainly use it every day without realising it.

What does GDPR mean to My Business? – Part 2

Indubitably, we all now know that GDPR will apply from 25 May 2018. This long-awaited fact is no longer a threat now because majority of the companies have prepped themselves for the change or are in the process of amendment with the change.

As we discussed in our last blog the key points to get the organization compliant with the GDPR, the scope goes much wider than it. The most significant change in GDPR is direct obligations on data processors. Besides obligations, some important rights are also enforced on data processors along with potentially hefty fines, if failed to abide the rules.