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Don’t get conned into paying a ransom!

Have you heard of Ransomware? It’s a particularly nasty type of Malware. It gets into your systems in the same way as many other security risks like viruses…through a dodgy email, website or direct attack. Your access to your own data is cut off and you literally have to pay a fee – a ‘ransom’ to get it back. Really nasty ransomware even encrypts your data just to make sure you can’t get to it.


Many businesses are being caught out by ransomware and this year for the first time, even on Macs. In March 2016, a number of news websites, including the New York Times and the BBC were targeted by malware through adverts appearing on the sites. Combined, they have billions of visitors. The malware attacked through a recently patched system that tried to infect readers’ computers through the back door (The Guardian, March 16th 2016). So what can you do about it? …

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We felt that it was time that our website properly expressed the whole range of services we now offer and also reflected our straightforward and professional approach. So we’ve spent some time making sure everything is covered. …