Case Studies
Pensthorpe Natural Park

The Client

Pensthorpe Natural Park is a multi-award-winning natural park in the heart of Wensum Valley, North Norfolk.

The Problem

The park is set in a beautiful location but being so rural meant they were suffering with very poor internet speeds that impacted on the entire business, including that of on-site concessions. The PDQ machines were slow to connect, causing queues, frustrated customers and delayed/failed transactions. Emails were also very sluggish and remote backups often failed, putting customer data and core business information at risk. It was clear they needed a complete overhaul of their IT system to meet the growing demands of customers, so one of their business contacts recommended us.

The Solution

The first thing we did was visit the site to undertake a complete IT infrastructure audit and identify areas for improvement. We helped them obtain a dedicated fibre internet connection that connects straight to the premises, so they no longer had to compete with other local businesses all struggling to use the same internet signals. They now benefit from vastly improved internet speeds, fast and reliable payments, automated backups and powerful guest WiFi. We’ve now been delivering a full IT support service for nearly ten years.

What they've said about us

“We’ve been with S2 since 2009, and the difference to our internet connectivity and all-round productivity has been amazing. We opted for a full support service because it gives us total peace of mind, and speaking as a small but busy business that rarely has any quiet periods Andy and his team have been invaluable. We rarely have any issues at all, but I’m confident that if we do they will be dealt with quickly and with minimal disruption to our business. It’s great to have such a personal service too. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Mark Noble, Operation Director, Pensthorpe Natural Park

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