57 minute challenge

Would your business pass our 57 minute data security challenge?

Here’s a bold challenge for you

I’m confident that if I were to visit your business today, I’d find a weakness in your IT system within just 57 minutes. I call this our 57 minute Data Security Challenge. I bet I can uncover a way to get into your system, or an unsafe working practice. All I’ll do is ask you some questions and have a quick look at your computers, and the systems your staff are using. You see, cyber criminals are always looking for ways into computer systems, and countless business owners make it really easy for them. Just having anti-virus software in place, even if it’s really good, simply isn’t enough in 2018. There are a lot of great anti-virus products out there, but never assume they will protect you from all threats. If cyber attackers really want to find a way in, there are plenty of other options available to them.

It’s all about perception

One of the biggest security problems I see every day is the attitude that it’s only the bigger companies that are at risk. The fact is, companies of all sizes face exactly the same threats. And cyber attackers particularly love the ones that take a blasé approach to security.

It’s a Thursday evening. You’ve travelled to meet some contacts, and had a great day.

The meeting is very productive, and turns into 3 beers and a meal. Great fun and the night quickly slips away from you.

You rush for a late train home, and on your commute back flick through a few emails and news articles on your phone. But it’s a warm carriage, and combined with a full stomach and the effects of a few beers, your eyelids start to droop…

(we’ve all experienced something like this, haven’t we?)

You wake with a start as the train pulls to a stop, and you hear the automated voice announce the train has arrived at… your stop. In a rush you grab your phone, coat and jump off the train on to the platform.

Yes! You did it! That was close…

The train starts to pull away… and suddenly you feel sick.

Your laptop bag. Where’s your laptop bag? You put it in the luggage rack… Oh… My… IT’S STILL ON THE TRAIN…

You watch with despair as the train pulls away, taking your laptop with it.

A few years ago, a situation like this would have just been annoying and inconvenient. But that’s about it. Laptops are easily replaced commodity products. Data backups mean your information can be recovered.

However, under GDPR, this scenario has potentially quite a different outcome.

Because the new law requires you decide whether or not a data breach – which includes losing data – should be reported to the authorities… and to the people whose data has been lost.