GDPR enforces Professional-Grade Backup

Something you might not know already…

Backup and disaster recovery solutions are vital under the GDPR.

With any Business accountable or in control for the possession of significant data, they must have the ability to recover any lost personal data that they hold in a timely manner.

To remain compliant, you must have the obligatory backup and disaster recovery strategies in place and actively take the time to frequently test the strength and the effectiveness of the solution.

This is only the start, as you’ll find out there are lot more implications to it, you’re going to need to comply with all of them.


…We didn’t know this; how do we abide by GDPR?

By assessing each distinct implication and making sure your Business is within guidelines!

With British Airways & Marriott Hotels receiving enormous fines, you shouldn’t be expecting a slap on the wrists, we recommend you get your Business in order and follow all the directions.

Covering the first of many serious points involved; Having a backup recovery point is essential, regardless if you want one or not.

Whether you’re outsourcing or have other methods, you need a secure recovery point in which you can restore important data from, quickly.

You’re also going to need a procedure in place, for regular testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of the measures involved for ensuring the security.

Do you feel confident that you could tackle inbound or masked cyber-attacks? If not, you should be looking for ways to reinforce your protection as you now must report any breaches within 72 hours of them taking place.

An effective way to ensure yourselves of Cyber protection, is to become Cyber Security Essentials accredited.

Data compliance is for every member of the team, whether you’re involved within IT or the legal side of the Business or not, everyone needs to be GDPR aware.

Finally, for now, Consistent Data backups are crucial, as well as regular Backup testing, you need to check frequently and backup your data often in order to comply, don’t get caught out at the closing stage.


What opportunities are available to us as a Business?

At this given time, there are many varieties of services and options available.

Whether you wish to Backup physically yourself, (Given the widespread implications this is un-recommend), making sure you’re secure with multiple copies in multiple locations, ideally following our ‘3-2-1 Backup rule’.

Or follow a secure route through an outsourced Backup provider, like us. In which we will provide a secure data Backup solution. A dedicated cloud backup, our online backup service is a secure and automatic way of ensuring that your critical data is protected offsite.

Whether you’re in a defenceless position, or just unsure of what position you are, you need to get ahead & updated with GDPR and Data compliance, contact us for all knowledge regarding backups and following security protocols.

We can help

If you have any concerns about your IT, data security or backup & disaster recovery, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Luke Coppin

Luke Coppin

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