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Behind The Scenes At S2

The S2 Team

We understand the typical problems faced by many businesses – namely, that you’re not an IT expert!

Over the years, we’ve tried and tested all the best IT hardware and software and we’ve pulled together a portfolio of services that we know best meets the needs of our customers.

Meet Our Amazing Team

The Faces Behind Our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Andrew Atthowe

Director and Lead Engineer

When not working can be found chasing around his two young children and loves getting out on his bike or going for a run to clear his head.

Helen Atthowe

Director and Office Manager

The one behind the scenes keeps all the admin and accounts on track. When not working, Helen is a busy mum to our two young children and loves reading books (especially physiological thrillers).

Graham Bygrave

Senior Engineer

Andrew’s right hand man, Graham is a very knowledgeable engineer with many years of experience. He’s an excellent problem solver who you can always count on to stay calm in a crisis, and he loves a good brew. Graham is a key figure in the local community and was named Radio Norwich’s Local Hero 2016 for his contribution to the area. He’s the founder of Go Social, a well established social community serving Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk that Graham set up in 2013. He’s also a Trustee of Norwich charity Connects & Co, a support group for young carers living with the effects of terminal illness, disability and addiction.


IT Technician

The newest recruit at S2, Richard has built a lifelong career in technology and spent 17 years in an IT role at a West Midlands manufacturing company. He’s great at fixing computer problems and is always happy to answer customer enquiries, sharing the extensive experience he’s built over the years. Richard is an enthusiastic DIYer and loves building and fixing things around the home a skill that will no doubt come in handy with a new baby joining the family in November 2019


Apprentice IT Technician

James is the youngest member of the team, coming fresh from college where he achieved a triple distinction star in an IT Level 3 BTEC. When he’s not busy fixing IT issues and building his new career James can usually be found gardening, tinkering with his computer or gaming with his friend


As a member of CompTIA, we’re part of the not for profit organisation that is responsible for raising standards in the IT channel. CompTIA invests in tools and processes that help managed services providers like us develop and improve our businesses.

CompTIA’s mission is to improve, educate and give back, meaning that they also run schemes to attract more young people and minority groups into technology businesses. By sharing research and running peer events across the globe including in the UK, they help us ensure we stay at the forefront of best practice in IT support services.

Supporting Flexible Working, Let Us Be Your Trusted Partner

Buy Local Norfolk provides a unique accreditation process for genuinely local businesses in Norfolk. Having gained this accreditation, our member businesses are authorised to display the Buy Local Norfolk logo, identifying themselves to the growing number of businesses and consumers to whom buying local products and services is important.

With a growing network of member businesses, the Buy Local Norfolk logo has become a recognisable mark throughout Norfolk.

Managed IT Support

If you are looking for an IT Partner that is always one step ahead, then you have just found us!

Andrew and his team would love to hear from you and understand your challenges.