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The New GDPR Law

General Data Protection Regulation

The New GDPR Law

It’s live and it has a big impact on your business.

On The 25th Of May 2018, A Major Data Law Came In…

Your Business Needs To Adapt To Meet Its Requirements

It’s Trending Now

The main aim of GDPR is to give individuals a greater level of control over their personal data. Which means that all companies who hold any customer or supplier information will be subject to strict rules.

It’s called GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – to replace the data protection act. And the fines for breaking it are huge… up to €20m. Scary.

I’ve written a book to give you the details you need. I’ve written it in human, not “law or tech speak”… best of all it’s totally FREE.

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    Andrew Atthowe

    Andrew Atthowe is the founder and Director of S2 Computers Ltd. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.

    He is a firm believer in educating users and losing the technical acronyms too often used in the IT world. He is also a dad to two young children and passionate about triathlon.