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Microsoft Office 365 has all sorts of wonderful features and I’m willing to bet there are loads of them you don’t even know about. 

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Office 365

Microsoft's flagship business software

Microsoft’s flagship business software, 365 combines the best productivity tools of Office 365 with state-of-the-art security and device management.

With everything managed in one easily accessible virtual space, you’ll be able to build an environment where collaboration becomes second nature. Integrated workflows let you view all your important information at a glance, increase efficiencies and enhance your customers’ experiences, all for an easy monthly cost.

Our Microsoft 365 features include:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft's communication platform

Specially created to help today’s busy people communicate on the go, Microsoft Teams is a chat-based tool that brings the office environment to mobile devices. Gone are the days when organising a meeting meant finding a time for everyone to sit down together in the boardroom. With Microsoft Teams you get involved in conversations, whether you’re working from home or travelling to another meeting.


Our IT Microsoft Teams features include:

The benefits of Office 365

Why should you consider using Office 365 anyway?

Stop downing in paperwork

Integrated workflows transform how you manage your business and enhance customer relationships.

Easily manage your customers

Keep customer information in one place with Outlook Customer Manager.

Streamline customer feedback

Create surveys, polls, and questionnaires to quickly gather data and insights with Microsoft Forms.

Makes repetitive tasks easy

Quickly and easily automate processes within your business with Microsoft Flow.

Works with what you already have

Microsoft 365 integrates with hundreds of third-party cloud apps so you can sign in once to access all your tools.

Protect what matters the most

Intelligent security proactively protects your employees, your data, and your customer information.

Keep customer's data safe

Ensure that only the right people have access to important data with information protection.

Defend against malware

Protect against ransomware, spam, malware, viruses, phishing attempts, malicious links, and other threats.

Stay in control

Revoke access to an attachment even after the email’s left your inbox with cloud attachments.

Bring your own devices

Protect your information, even when it’s accessed on your employees’ personal devices.


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