Is IT stealing your staff's time and productivity?

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IT Support in Norwich

Proactive IT support to keep your business running smoothly

How does managed IT support work?

Simply put we proactively manage your IT system and keep it fast, secure and reliable.

What we offer

We offer a 24/7 pro-active managed service for your IT system using a Remote Monitoring and Management tool (RMM). We’ll back up your system daily and check the backups have worked. We’ll also supply a multi layer security package that is managed by us, without you having to do anything.
Maintenance is done automatically out of hours and we produce a monthly report, which is reviewed and acted upon by a qualified engineer. This means that not only can we tell you everything that’s happened or been fixed on your network; we can also tell you when you are nearly at capacity, or when something needs updating. It makes for a more efficient and secure network for you and allows you to get on with running your business.

Has an issue with your IT system, caused you downtime in your company lately?

We all know how frustrating an issue with your IT system can be, not only the time it takes to wait for the system to be fixed but also the impact this has on your customers and staff, wasting you both time and money.

Our managed IT support for your business, will find any issues affecting your computer system and fix them, before you have even been affected by the problem.

The experts at S2, will monitor your IT system continually, pinpointing and solving any potential problems within your network or individual computers before they are given the chance to become big issues for your business.

In most cases, any issue will be fixed remotely, meaning we don’t even have to visit your premises in order to carry out a repair.

Managed It Support

Managed IT Support

We detect a problem within your system

managed it separator

We fix the problem remotely

managed it separator

You continue your business

Call us today on 01603 670682 to discover how our managed IT support can benefit your business.and secure network, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Non managed IT Support

Non-Managed IT Support

There is a small problem with your IT system

You continue to work, whilst virus or system issue grows without casuing you reason to notice any problem.

System issue causes you a problem, and prevents you from being able to complete your work.

Call IT Support

Wait for IT support to arrive

Call IT Support

IT support arrive and diagnose problem

IT support resolve issue

You continue your business

Our monthly managed services package includes:


Remote support.

Daily Backups
Which we monitor and maintain for you.

IT report

Microsoft Office 365

With access to an online training portal used by Microsoft themselves so you can make the most of this powerful system.

Our Clever Software

Handles all your software updates on a schedule we set.

Our RMM Proactive Software

Running 24/7 to keep your system reliable and fast

Award Winning

Security software to keep your machines infection free

Email Filtering

To block infected, spam and phishing emails before they can damage your system.