Our services

If you want a hassle free, fast, secure and reliable IT System then this is what you need.

Managed IT Support

Our pro-active IT support means that we’ll identify and resolve issues before they impact on your business. This includes upgrades to software, server monitoring, hardware and network issues. We will tailor a package to suit your business.

Virus and Spam Services

Data & Cyber Security Services

With GDPR now live data and cyber security is no longer a choice. So why not choose the local experts to keep you infection free! That’s no mean feat in the current climate. We use a multi-layer approach of services and products to keep your systems running virus-free and we can manage your email too, to keep them from infecting your business IT.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup is often overlooked by businesses, but not backing up and having a disaster recovery plan can lead to lost work which ultimately costs you money. We provide cost-effective back up and DR solutions so that you can save time and money if anything goes wrong.

Office 365 Setup

Cloud Services & Office 365

Cloud Services are a very hot topic at present. Most people don't understand what they are or how important it is to assess what services are a good fit for migrating and which should stay in house. Microsoft's Office 365 is a great example and takes all of the usual suite of trusted applications and moves them into a continually developing cloud based service. The list of applications is continually growing, you also get cloud storage, video conferencing and great team collaboration tools. We can help you plan your project, implement the new services, train your team and support it all going forward.

Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity

Most businesses rely on the internet in some way to function. If your internet goes down, or if you can’t connect when you’re out of the office, it can slow down your business and cost you money. We can help get you a fast, secure connection, wherever you are.

New IT Equipment

New IT Equipment

We source and install a full range of IT equipment and we can integrate it with your existing hardware to make your office run more efficiently and without disruption. From printers to monitors, laptops, servers and much more.

IT Network Support

Network Design & Support

Your business network allows every employee to access the same information, sometimes at the same time. Without a secure, functional network; file sharing can be time consuming and difficult to manage. We can help design, install the cabling, setup the hardware and maintain your network, as well as properly protecting your server. We also know our stuff when it comes to Wifi and Guest Wifi systems, so ask for a Free site survey and get it right first time.


Modern IP Camera CCTV setups are fast becoming the norm, they offer HD quality images at great prices. When teamed with the correct recorder, you have an easy to expand, easy to use system that can be viewed from your mobile\tablet including when you are offsite, and the office machines when onsite.