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Over 2500 people across the UK already trust S2 Computers to keep their IT secure, reliable and running 365 days of the year. We would love to consult you on how we can help you too. 

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Fast, Reliable, Secure IT System

Nothing is more frustrating than a computer that’s slow when all you want is to get on with your work!

In our modern world we all need reliable and fast IT systems, yet those systems also have to be ultra secure. With S2 Computer’s multi-layered and unique security system and support consultancy we have managed to keep all our clients infection free, which certainly is no mean feat! Contact us today to find out more about our cost effective Managed IT Support packages.

Speedy Support with no Technical Jargon

We provide pro active monitoring with our advanced software and will resolve most issues before you even realise they are a problem. We know how important regular and clear communication is for our partnership to work so we are always available to help you. Andy and his team always pride themselves on explaining things clearly and will not bombard you with techie jargon. Our clients have the peace of mind that they are being taken care of by us.

The S2 Team - Supporting Businesses in Ipswich

Like many businesses we understand that you’re not an IT expert, you just want to run your business! We have tried and tested all the best IT hardware and software over the years and pulled together a premium portfolio of support services that we know will meet the needs of our customers. We are one of the leading IT Support Companies in Norfolk and serve clients in Ipswich area, Norwich. Our Managed services include anything from Disaster Recovery, cloud solutions, to Office 365. Our goal above all is always to offer a high level customer service experience to our clients.

How much does world class IT support cost?

The real answer to this is “it depends”. There are so many variables within IT and your business’s setup that it’s almost impossible to publish a “standard price”.

So we’ve done something better. Use this pricing calculator to get an indicative price of how much it would cost for us to support your business.

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Give us a call now on 01603 670 682 to speak with one of our IT experts.


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